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19 March 2021

The club will be holding an Annual General Meeting Tuesday 6 April at the Rusagonis Rec Centre. All members are welcome to attend, but must follow COVID health protocols. 

The minutes from the last AGM meeting are on the minute page. Please review them if you are attending the meeting.

The proposed operating budget for 2021, that will be voted on at the AGM: Draft Budget 2021

The proposed 3 Year Operating Plan, that will be voted on at the AGM: 3 Yr Trail Development Plan 2021

The agenda for the 6 April meeting: Club Meeting Agenda Apr 2021

There are three positions on the Board of Directors up for election:

  1. President:  Jim McGregor re-elected
  2. Secretary: Faith Sharpe re-elected
  3. Director position 1:  Lloyd White elected

14 March 2021

The temporary bridge over Hazen Brook will be removed in the coming days due to rising water levels.

12 February 2021

The temporary bridge over Hazen Brook was installed today, thus opening up trails 4582 and 4581 to Beaver Dam and Charters Settlement. 

1 December 2020

The latest Club Newsletter is now available for online viewing.

9 October 2020

We have received a message from the Department of Public Safety through QuadNB (see image below for details).
If you read the message you will understand that we (the volunteers) will not be able to meet the requirements set by the government/overseeing organizations to open our warming hut this winter. This is unfortunate but understandable during these trying times. What we can do though, is have an outdoor fireplace riders can warm up at while practicing social distancing. Not as good as a shelter but it’s the best we can do under the circumstances. Trails are open and we will be grooming when Winter hits, get out and enjoy!

26 August 2020

From the desk our club President, Jim McGregor

Hi Folks. I’m happy to announce that our trail 43 from the Lincoln Big Stop to Oromocto is now officially open! You can park and offload your ATV at the end of D’Amours Street in Oromocto. We have a HUP for D’Amours Street so please stay on the road and out of the ditch. The same goes for Pawnee Drive; stay on the road and off the grass, please. You can access all the businesses along either road, please do not cross Restigouche with your ATV; park and walk across to access businesses on the other side.

Important: We have joint use with walkers and cyclists on the former railway, 30kph max on this section. Please be courteous and slow way down for walkers or cyclists, share the trail. We have a HUP for Rte 655 as well; use the shoulder with the flow of traffic to get to the hydro line please. Thank you, Bryan and Chris, for your help signing and Mark from Garden’s Edge Landscaping for your work.

Get Out and Ride!

3 August 2020

The contractor will be working on the new trail, #43, into Oromocto starting Tuesday (4 August). Reminder: This trail is posted closed on Quad NB as it does not meet the specifications for a managed trail as per the landowner agreement. There is still a lot of work to do before we can open it. Until then use at your own risk.

1 July 2020 – Happy Canada Day! 

Crown and Irving Freehold land is open with restrictions limited to no fires (see image below for further details).


10 June 2020

Our trail to Harvey Station is now officially open. Signage is up so nobody should get lost. Thank you to all the landowners who have generously given us access to their land. The trail currently ends by Blacks Café, but will eventually go to Moffitt’s Gas and Convince store once the club receives approval from the various landowners. The Trail is # 4599 on the Quad NB interactive map found here:
Get out and explore!

6 June 2020


We repaired 2 damaged bridges on our trail to Harvey Station so they are now safe to use. This trail is mostly easy-going woods roads but there are some “technical” sections near Harvey. The trail brings you out right beside Blacks restaurant. They have great food if you want to stop in for a bite to eat!

8 May 2020

The club trails are now officially open. As outlined in the screenshot below, please:

  • Do not ride in groups of more than 10 people;
  • Do not enter the shelters;
  • When taking a break (from riding), keep your distance of 2m/6 ft apart;


19 April 2020


  • The managed ATV trails are (again) closed until further notice.


18 April – Message from the President of QuadNB, Roger Daigle:

I have been contacted by the Honorable Premier Blain Higgs and he is asking us for our help. Because of some miscommunication or misunderstanding, QuadNB was given the green light to re-open our quad trails by mistake. For the safety of our sport, our members, their families and the public, under the direction of the Government of NB, and in order to be in compliance with the Emergency Measures declaration, QuadNB is temporarily closing all managed quad trails in the province again until further notice. We must do our part to ensure the Public Health and we must follow the Emergency Measures Act and make sure to follow the protocols in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. I ask for your support with this decision to help our Government fight this virus.

source (PDF)



16 April 2020


  • The managed ATV trails will be open as of 17 April.


9 April 2020


  • All of the Rusagonis ATV Club trails are now closed.



23 March 2020


  • The annual event in April has been cancelled due to COVID-19 preventative measures.


QuadNB announces that its trails remain open, but all quad shelters/warming huts must be closed.

FREDERICTON, N.B. -, QuadNB announces that all quad trails in the province remain open, except the trails that are already closed because of the Spring conditions that have already hit some parts of the province.

Therefore, in respect to what has been announced by the province regarding the Coronavirus, QuadNB puts forward the following recommendations until further notice, hoping that they will be respected by the members and enthusiasts. If not, we will be forced to close all the quad trails in the province until further notice:

1. All warming huts/shelters will be closed until further notice.
2. All Club rallies are to be cancelled until further notice.
3. Members are not to meet up and ride the trail network in groups until further notice.
4. The ATV trails will remain open at this time but members will be reminded we are in a state of emergency and social distancing of 2 meters is mandatory.
5. Public memo on QuadNB social platforms and memo to membership to be released.

By the same occasion, QuadNB announces officially that the 2020 Provincial Jamboree to be presented at the end of June in the South-East area of the province, has been postponed to a future date that will be announced as soon as circumstances permit.

source (PDF)


February 2020


  • The club installed a temporary bridge over Hazen Brook to allow trail 4582 to be opened up allowing winter access to fuel in Beaver Dam (16 February):




January 2020



  • The club has purchased new groomer:




November 2019


  • Due to the weather forecast, the next club meeting has been moved from Tuesday 3 December to Wednesday 4 December @ 19:00 hrs (7PM) at the Rusagonis Community Centre (1609 Post Rd, Rusagonis, NB E3B 7X9). If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive the agenda and minutes please send an email to [email protected]


  • The Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the new bridge at Jewett’s Creek took place on Saturday 16 November. In addition to York County West, members from three other clubs attended the event.




September 2019




April 2019


  • Congratulations to Faith, our new Secretary; and Greg, our new club Director!


  • Great news! We finally get to start work on the trail from Lincoln to Oromocto this summer! Work will be spread over 2 years but by the end of this Summer we will have a safe, environmentally responsible, legal trail!


  • The club is purchasing a small used grader; we have several experienced operators who are willing to volunteer their time, so the former railway will be graded once the frost is out of the ground.


  • We received a small grant from the Local Service District to improve our trailhead at the Rusagonis Recreation Centre. This will be a self-help project so we will be asking for some volunteers to lend a hand, tentatively scheduled for late June.


  • Our application to develop a managed ATV trail to Harvey has been submitted, all the private landowners, as well as the Village of Harvey, are on board, we just have to wait for government approval before we start.


  • We are starting the planning process for a new warming hut in the future, details will be announced soon hopefully.


  • We will also be replacing a few culverts as part of our routine maintenance and making some improvements to the Porcupine Rest Area this year.


  • Good volunteers make a great club. If you would like to lend a hand please get in touch with us: [email protected]



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