Photo Gallery

We welcome and encourage our club members to send us photos of their adventures. Please submit yours to rusagonisatvclub[at]

Be sure to check back regularly as the gallery will be updated as new pictures are received.

A short video of winter riding, highlighting the Rooth Rest area and the Porcupine Rest area. The club has 100km of groomed trails to enjoy with family and friends that will keep the winter blues away.


A video from the Oct 2020 Fall Run highlighting our beautiful fall sights and of course the mud and water found this time of year.


As well, be sure to check out the video entitled “Harvey” (video 5 of 7) from Trekkit ATV, as it features some of our (Rusagonis) trails, specifically at minute 7:43 (our warming hut) and 13:48 to 17:38 (Hazen Brook). Thanks to Trekkit ATV for sharing!