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The Tracy Store

The Tracy Store is in the lower southwest part of out trail system, as such it is an ideal destination for an afternoon ride for ice cream. The loop formed by taking trail #29 west, then #29 south to the Rooth Road then north on the #4565 and east on #4591 back to the #29 would fill the afternoon with a stop at the Tracy Store at the end of the Rooth Road.

Spending the weekend camping around one of the many lakes in Club #42’s area? Why not stop at the Tracy Store for those last minute groceries.

Doing a multi day trip to St. George? The Tracy Store is the last place to fill up with fuel before the adventure starts.

Whether you make the Tracy Store an afternoon destination or a waypoint on your adventure, please support local business as they are the ones pushing for a better trail network.

The Tracy Store Facebook page

Scholten’s Oromocto

Looking for a quick Saturday afternoon family ride? Why not plan a trip to Scholten’s in Oromocto for some ice cream. The managed atv trail passes behind the store, allowing easy access. If you are planning a longer trip, the trail head at the end of D’Amours St is just down the street. Making Scholten’s ideal for picking up any last minute snacks or fuel you forgot to pack.   

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Triple A Automotive

Canada day long weekend is just around the corner and you might be planning an atv camping trip to some remote location or taking advantage of the relaxed COVID restrictions to visit friends and family in other provinces. Have you had your atv/side by side or vehicle check to ensure trouble free driving?

Joshua at Triple A Automotive can look after your needs, from your play toys to your personal vehicles they have the experience and training to fix almost anything. Joshua has been a big supporter of the club so if you are looking to have repair work done or in need of aftermarket accessories in the Burton area check him out.

Triple A Automotive website

Triple A Automotive Facebook page


The Travelodge 

Not from the Fredericton area but still looking to explore the local trails? The Travelodge Inn is a prime location for a staycation. Located on trail #43, the adventure starts as soon as you walk out of your room.

The Blue Canoe is just up the road for those last minute munchies and fuel before heading out, while at the end of the day’s adventure offers take out or sit down family meals. The Travelodge is also centrally located between Fredericton and Oromocto allowing you to take advantage of the various restaurants, shops, and tourist activities offered. 

From the Travelodge you can travel north and explore York County North ATV Club #46, or south through Route 101 ATV Club #41, Musquash ATV Club #38 and Charlotte County ATV Club #39. Using the Quad NB mapping app you will have endless adventures.

Travelodge website

Black’s Grocery and Café

Black’s Grocery and Café is located at the end of trail 4599 in Harvey. The trip to Black’s can be quick as trail 4599 is mostly old forest roads, or it can your destination after a long day of exploring the many non managed trails that spring off the main trail. 

When you pull up to Black’s you will find ample parking for atv’s/sxs’s to the side of the building. Once inside you will be confronted by a small yet spacious sit down restaurant that serves home cooked style food. Before hitting the trail be sure to fill up on drinks and snacks for the ride home. 

While in the area don’t forget to check out the rest stop at the end of trail 4598. Babe Ruth and other celebrities are rumored to visited the area to hunt. 

Black’s Grocery and Café Facebook link  


The Blue Canoe

The Blue Canoe is the main trail head during the spring, summer, fall seasons. Being just off Hwy #2 at exit 297 and half way between Fredericton and Oromocto the Blue Canoe is an easy location to access with a sizable gravel parking area with plenty of room to accommodate large trucks and trailers. Even on the busiest weekend there will be ample room to park and unload.

The Blue Canoe offers fuel, snacks and home cooked dinning (sit down or take out). From the Blue Canoe you can access trail #43 which connects Oromocto to Fredericton Junction, Harvey, or Tracy and to Club #46 York County West. In addition there are many non managed trails in the area ripe for exploring. 

Whether the Blue Canoe is the starting point for your day’s adventure or the destination of your ride, you will find everything you need there. 

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