Trail Maps & Conditions

The beaver dam on the section of trail #10 between the rail bed and Post Rd has been removed and material was brought in to fill the low spot.

Our club takes pride in our Managed Trails. Our volunteers work hard to keep them safe and passable.  If you encounter an unsafe condition, please let us know.  Click here for a map of our managed trails. Not all trails are accessable year round, so be sure click on a section of trail for a description and its current condition.  Our map works with your map application on your smart phone as well.

GPS Tracks and a printable map of our trails are located in the files section of our Facebook group. If you don’t have Facebook, our files also accessible via DropBox

You can download Ride Command, a free app (Android/iOS) which has our trails on it; and you can join the Rusagonis ATV club in ride command to stay in touch with other local riders.

Another option is TrakMaps.