ATV Trail Signage

ATV Trails Signs and Their Meanings

As you explore the ATV trail system in New Brunswick you may notice there are a variety of signs on the managed trails and wonder what they mean.  In many parts of the province the ATV trails and the snowmobile trails are the same with some being shared use in the winter and some being exclusive use. As such it is important to tell the difference between the two organizations. Below are two examples, the one on the left is snowmobile signage, while the one on the right is ATV signage. (click on picture to enlarge)

In addition to the pictures of snowmobiles or ATVs on the sign, most signs will have the letters NBFSC (New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs) or NBATVF (New Brunswick ATV Federation) near the bottom of the sign. (click on picture to enlarge)

There are two types of ATV trails:

1. Provincial trails. These trails are designed to connect neighbouring clubs and over time will form a provincial wide trail system much like the snowmobile trail system. These trails will be maintained to a higher standard than the local trails. Signs indicating these trails will be blue in colour with a two digit trail number.  Trail 43 going straight, and trail 29 turning right (click on picture to enlarge).

2. Local trails. These trails are designed to connect local points of interest within a club’s boundary. They may not be maintained to the same standard as the provincial trail system but will still be safe to use. These trails will be green in colour and have a four digit trail number, with the first two numbers indicating the club #, 45xx for the Rusagonis ATV Club. 

There are three category of ATV trails: Non Groomed, Winter Trail, and 4 Season

Non groomed will have two suns on the top left and right of the trail sign. These trails are accessible from 16 April – 14 Dec. 

Winter-only trails (groomed) will have two snow flakes on the top left and right of the trail sign. The access to these trails is weather dependent, and in some years the trails may not open because of this.

4 Season trails (groomed) will have one snowflake and one sun on the top of the trail sign, and usually a sign with both an ATV and snowmobile. These trails are accessible year round unless indicated by the local club.

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Quad NB has a two-part manual on their website for those looking for more information: