Trail Permits

2022 NBATVF Trail Permits available the first week of Oct 2021 

Groomed Trail Permit: ATV trails accessible 12 months of the year, (this is the one you need if you want to access groomed ATV trails in the winter): $110.40 taxes incl.

Non-groomed Trail Permit: The time of year where ATV trails are accessible without grooming or snow removal to make it accessible: $52.90 taxes incl.

Permits are valid for the year on the permit regardless of when it was purchased.  Keep the pink copy as proof of purchase.

Day Permits: Only available for organized club events such as poker runs or other organized club runs; dealers do not sell them. Cost is $17.25 taxes incl.

Replacement of Decal: If you are selling your ORV, first peel off the sticker. It will rip as you remove it and have “void” across it so that it can’t be re-used. Stick it on the back of your pink copy of your trail permit application form. Take the sticker and pink copy to one of the dealers listed below or to a club meeting. A replacement fee of $10 will be charged. Proof of purchase must be presented.

Please note that there is a built-in service fee of $6 that goes to SNB to cover their costs if purchased from them. If purchased directly from the club at one of our meetings or events the $6 stays with the club. If purchased from a local dealer $4 goes to the club and $2 goes to the volunteer who collects and administers them to cover their expenses. Also, the dealers are selling our permits as a favour to us, they do not make any money and they can not take credit cards or debit. Cash only please and don’t forget to have your licence plate number with you when purchasing your pass!

Permits are available at our club meetings and events, through SNB, and all local ATV dealers. We are club number 45.

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  • If purchasing online, print and take your receipt with you as proof until your permit arrives in the mail.

Hawkins Equipment: 389 St Mary’s St, Fredericton • 506-458-8640

MacLean Sports Ltd: 489 Union St, Fredericton • 506-450-6090

Sutherland Honda: 911 Hanwell Road Fredericton • 506-452-1155

Phil’s Auto and Recreation: 2709 Rte 102 Lincoln • 506-446-6135

Torque Motor Sports: 1215 Hanwell Rd Fredericton • 506-452-2777

Yard Gear: 9 Timothy Ave N, Fredericton • 506-472-7772

Jim Gilbert’s PowerSports: 402 St Mary’s St, Fredericton • 506-459-6832

Triple A Automotive: 46 Kelty Court, Burton • 506-442-1964

Note: we understand some of our members are on fixed incomes and the cost of a permit is one more expense.  We have a Club Bucks Program we use to give a little back to our volunteers that work on our trails.  If you volunteer for one of our organized work parties you can get $10 in Club Bucks that can be used towards a permit if bought directly from the club.  It's not much, but it makes a difference for some. Contact the Club President for details or watch for posts on our FaceBook page.