Quad NB Life Insurance FAQ

What is Quad NB insurance?
Quad NB has partnered with American Income Life Insurance (AIL) to provide up to $4000.00 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance to club members. If you buy a trail pass, you are automatically enrolled in the policy. 
Is this a scam?
It is not a scam as AIL has paid out claims to members of Quad NB in the past, in fact many national unions and organizations have policy’s through AIL. 
What do I have to do to activate the policy?
Nothing. When you purchase a trail pass you are automatically covered. 
Do I need to mail in the provided beneficiary card?
No; but if you do not name a beneficiary the insurance will pay out to your estate, which may delay the payout or have tax ramifications for your estate. If you complete the beneficiary card a representative will contact you to confirm your beneficiary and offer other insurance products that may be of benefit to you. 
Why am I receiving this now? I have not purchased a trail pass in two years. 
AIL partners with various Insurance Brokers who may be behind in contacting members on the lists they were provided. A normal delay of one year between purchase of trail pass to time of contact is not uncommon. 
Why do I receive all these phone calls?
The Insurance Brokers that AIL has teamed with need to speak to a person to close their file. As with all telemarketing, it is up to you if you ignore the call or answer it. 
Who do I direct questions or concerns to?

Questions or concerns can be directed to Mr. Darrell Dorey, Public Relations for AIL, at 902 624 8329 or email prailcanada[at]yahoo.ca.