Club Minutes

3 September, 2019

Members present: Jim McGregor (President), Susan Hancock, Brian Carey (Vice-President), Ronnie Hancock, Andrea Belyea, Treasurer Earl Sharpe, Faith Bradley-Sharpe (Secretary), Glen Tims, Shawn McGregor, Dan McDonald, Elizabeth Ernst, Duncan Kennedy, Howard Groffel, Sue Kennedy, Melody Hurshman, Mark Harvey, Doug Hurshman, Tony Scott, Lloyd White, Dan Hachey, Greg Stairs, Dan Lecompte, Marjorie Lecompte, Robie Robinson.

Call to Order

The President called the meeting to order at 7:30pm

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion:  proposed and seconded that the agenda be approved. Carried.
  • Approval of minutes of the last club meeting
  • Minutes sent out via email;
  • Motion: proposed and seconded that the minutes be approved. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The Treasurer read the financial report and it was available for review.

Membership Committee Report

  • We have 668 members.  All Season trail passes will go on sale in October, please remember to have your plate # when purchasing.

Events Committee Report

  • Fun Run: September 7th
  • Fall Rally will be 19 October

Equipment Committee Report

  • The post driver is working great, the mini truck is still working will keep it for a little longer, SxS has been fixed, grader is working great as well.

Shelter Committee Report

  • The warming hut door was adjusted and a soft spot on the stairs was repaired.

Work Party Coordinator

  • Nothing to report, will start projects soon to get ready for winter.

Trail Report

  • Rooth Road through to Harvey trail application received verbal approval, once there is paperwork in place will start developing.
  • Oromocto trail application is on going, Jim met with DTI/MRDC again at the TCH onramp crossing to show them how we propose to develop the crossing to make it safe. We are doing everything we can, MRDC continues to delay.
  • North half of trail 4565 is no longer managed, trail can be used but it will not longer be signed.
  • #10 Blue Canoe to Rusagonis station grading work is ongoing.
  • #10 near Chaparral Rd -contractor re-ditched and we added a culvert.
  • #10 from Post Rd to the rail bed; beaver dam has been removed.
  • #10 near Fredericton Jct; the sink holes have been fixed.
  • Trail at end of Dugan Rd; new culvert and graded.
  • Up coming work; signage, selective grading, culvert or bridge on 4591.
  • 4565 (Tracy Brook rd) needs beaver removal, contacting the nuisance trapper has been difficult will continue to try to reach him. JDI may work on #10 Wes of Rec Centre, we will hold off on repairs and see what happens.
  • Regional BOD: Meeting was held in June, Jim and Bryan Carey attended: they will be redefining the Trail Infrastructure Fund, with more transparency. They will be auditing trail systems; a club member will go with them to show where the money has been used.  
  • Tourism, Heritage and Culture is starting to see that ATVing can bring in money to the province.  
  • NB snowmobile federation has a new director, looks like will have a better relationship with ATV clubs. ERD plans to map all ATV trails using their own people.

New Business/Open Discussion

  • We have a new web page,
  • Polaris Ride Command has some changes using thin and thicker brown lines to distinguish SXS, ATV and Motorcycle, Jim will ask if it can be changed as it is somewhat confusing.
  • Trail Head- the club will be fixing up the entrance, adding maps, crushed rock, (the LSD donated funds to help) and picnic table (donated by Jim Gilbert) starting mid Sept.
  • There is a Director’s position open (Stephen Berthelot has stepped down). If interested, please let Jim know.

Adjournment: 8:30pm