April 2020 – Update 3

18 April

Message from the President of QuadNB, Roger Daigle:

I have been contacted by the Honourable Premier Blain Higgs and he is asking us for our help. Because of some miscommunication or misunderstanding, QuadNB was given the green light to re-open our quad trails by mistake. For the safety of our sport, our members, their families and the public, under the direction of the Government of NB, and in order to be in compliance with the Emergency Measures declaration, QuadNB is temporarily closing all managed quad trails in the province again until further notice. We must do our part to ensure the Public Health and we must follow the Emergency Measures Act and make sure to follow the protocols in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. I ask for your support with this decision to help our Government fight this virus.

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