March 2020

March 23

The annual event in April has been cancelled due to COVID-19 preventative measures:

QuadNB announces that its trails remain open, but all quad shelters/warming huts must be closed.

FREDERICTON, N.B. -, QuadNB announces that all quad trails in the province remain open, except the trails that are already closed because of the Spring conditions that have already hit some parts of the province.

Therefore, in respect to what has been announced by the province regarding the Coronavirus, QuadNB puts forward the following recommendations until further notice, hoping that they will be respected by the members and enthusiasts. If not, we will be forced to close all the quad trails in the province until further notice:

1. All warming huts/shelters will be closed until further notice. 2. All Club rallies are to be cancelled until further notice. 3. Members are not to meet up and ride the trail network in groups until further notice. 4. The ATV trails will remain open at this time but members will be reminded we are in a state of emergency and social distancing of 2 meters is mandatory. 5. Public memo on QuadNB social platforms and memo to membership to be released.

By the same occasion, QuadNB announces officially that the 2020 Provincial Jamboree to be presented at the end of June in the South-East area of the province, has been postponed to a future date that will be announced as soon as circumstances permit.

source (PDF)